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Choosing the Right Thermostat - Choosing the Right Air Condition Equipment - Indoor Air Quality

Choosing the Right Thermostat.

At SIGMA AIR we understand the importance of selecting the proper thermostat to help your system achieve its maximum efficiency possible. We carry the industries top name brand Thermostats such as Honey Well and White Rodgers. The thermostat to your system is like the mother board to your computer. It is very important to match up the right thermostat with the system you have selected for your home.


Honeywell Base model: 7-day universal Thermostat.

The Honeywell 7- day conventional thermostat applies the same simple programming logic found in the touch screen models. The conventional unit has large buttons and viewing screen. The result is a very easy to use thermostat with intuitive logic that responds to choices of scheduling with optimal comfort and savings.

Honeywell Touchscreen: 7-day touchscreen.

The 7-day touchscreen thermostat is an extremely elegant model that gives you complete control of your system at a touch of the screen. This allows piece of mind, comfort and the energy savings you and your family deserve.

The higher the efficiency the greater the savings!

The same applies to other name band thermostats.

Call us today at SIGMA AIR and speak to one of our many professional representatives to help you choose the right thermostat and start enjoying the comfort and savings.

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Choosing the Right Air Condition Equipment.

At SIGMA AIR we can help you design the right system for your home.

We carry a large selection of name brand units such as Carrier, Trane, Goodman, Ruud, Rheem and American Standard to name a few. We take on the responsibility and understand our customers concerns and needs when it comes to the replacement of your air conditioning and heating system. We take our job serious and will help your pick an efficient system that fit's your budget.

SEER: Seasonal energy efficiency rating.


Carrier Base model: 3 ton, 13 seer heat pump system.

Carrier up grade model: 3 ton 15 seer, Variable speed heat pump system.

Carrier Infinity model: 3 ton 17 seer 2-stage variable speed heat pump system.

The higher the efficiency the greater the savings!

The same applies to other name band equipment whether it is an electric/ electric, Gas/ electric or heat pump system. Call us today at SIGMA AIR and speak to one of our many professional representatives to help you design the right system for the comfort of your home. Replacing your air condition and heating system is an investment that should be taken serious and we do.

Call us today and receive a 15% discount on the purchase of a complete system replacement of 15 seer or greater.



Understanding the importance of protecting your equipment from contaminates.

Air borne contaminates spread through out your home as your Central Air System re-circulates the air. With no disinfective protection you and your family are susceptible to bacteria, mold, allergenic, and viruses. Some of these organisms are extremely annoying while others actually make you sick! An air condition system left untreated becomes a breeding ground for all contaminates mention above eventually clogging up your system's evaporator coil, blower wheel and unit cabinet.


The part of the ultraviolet light that's kills the germs is the UV-C light. As the molecules pass through your system they get eliminated, turned into harmless carbon dioxide and water vapor. The UV light also helps reduces volatile organic compounds such as cooking smells, paint, varnishes, chemicals and tobacco smoke. Microbes exposed to Ultraviolet light are 90% eliminated after only 10 minutes of exposure, after 24 hours the UV light would have had eliminated 99.9% of all contaminants in the air you and your family breath on a daily bases.

If you suffer from allergies due to indoor air born contaminates, Call us at 210-657-4462. We at SIGMA AIR carry a large selection of name brand equipment and can you design a customize indoor quality for your home or business establishment.

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